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The programme is delivered across two waves of SPF funding.

Wave 1 focussed on near-term outdoor air pollution issues and the funded projects will leverage existing long term strategic investments in order to develop short-term policy relevant outputs, support commercialisation of near-market solutions for non-exhaust transport emissions and deliver a pilot systems framework for clean air analysis

Click here for more detailed information on supported research from the first wave of investment.

Wave 2 aims to equip the UK to proactively tackle new and emerging air quality challenges related to changing emissions and exposure patterns and health impacts on groups of people most at risk.

Click here for more detailed information on supported research from the second wave of investment.

If you would like to learn more or get involved in live funding calls, please visit the Funding page for more information.

Recent tweets from @UK_CleanAir

"In the 21st century, we need to .. ensure that the air in our buildings is clean with a substantially
reduced pathogen count, contributing to the
building occupants’ health, just as we expect
for the water coming out of our taps"

Cutting methane helps both #airpollution & our #ClimateEmergency.

Clean Air Champion @DrGaryFuller's latest piece for @guardian.

The role of methane & ethane in UK ozone formation is being investigated in our @NercOsca project (@NERCscience).

By optimising our #climate solutions we can create huge benefits for #AirPollution. Here's part of our Regional Clean Air Champions team at the #COP26 @lunguk @asthmauk #cleartheAir event yesterday.