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Tackling indoor and outdoor air pollution for a healthier future

The Clean Air Programme is proactively tackling the air quality challenges facing us all today

We bring together leading researchers from across a wide range of specialisms, spanning the physical, social and life sciences to the atmospheric sciences, arts and humanities. By working together, we can better predict and understand exposure to air pollution and its effects on our health, including the impacts on vulnerable groups such as children and older people.

Our community of engaged researchers and scientists enable the UK to address these challenges and effect change where it is needed, whether through policy, behavioural change, or legislation. Our work also helps industry respond to the need for new technologies to limit emissions and exposure to air pollutants, thus reducing the associated health risks and supporting cleaner growth. Read about our vision, mission and values here. 

Domestic Fuel Burning Workshop

Just one wood log burning stove sends more PM2.5 into the atmosphere than 1,000 petrol cars (BMJ). Catch up with the UKRI workshop discussions.

Publications and blogs

Scientists reveal how air pollution can cause lung cancer in non-smokers: 4 part blog series

Special four-part blog series by the Cancer Prevention Group at King’s College London, looks at how air pollution can cause lung cancer in people who have never smoked.

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Speed limits, air quality and health, TRANSITION Network

This briefing note examines the current evidence for speed limit reduction to benefit air quality and health and provides recommendations for future priority research.
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Air Pollution and Mortality on the island of Ireland

Air quality is an issue of substantial importance on both sides of the Irish border. In…
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UK Interactive Map

Explore our interactive map and see the work our Champions have been doing in your area

About us

Clean Air Champions

The Champions bring together outstanding researchers across atmospheric, medical and social science to develop practical solutions for air quality issues.

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Wave 2 Research and Funding

Funding is through the UKRI Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF). Wave 2 aims to tackle new and emerging air quality challenges and address the associated health impacts on groups of people most at risk.

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Register on the portal

Register now to join our vibrant Clean Air Community.

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Delivery Partners

The Clean Air programme is jointly delivered by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and the Met Office, with others.

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