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Led by: Suzanne Bartington – University of Birmingham

The TRANSITION Clean Air Network connects researchers across nine UK higher education institutions, Public Health England and more than 20 stakeholder partners spanning the private, public and civil sectors to address clean challenges associated with a low-emission transport and mobility revolution in the UK.

The UK Government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan outlines a second UK transport revolution, characterised by rapid decarbonisation, increased automation and enhanced connectivity. This transformation presents both opportunities and challenges for improving air quality, occurring in the context of disruptive changes in transport technology, environmental awareness and evolving transport behaviours.

The objective is to co-define key areas with potential to improve, reduce risk of deterioration in transport related ambient and indoor air quality, and catalyse the delivery of innovative, evidence-based clean air solutions at the intersect of technological innovation, behaviour change and public policy.

To achieve this the Network intends to:

  • characterise and co-define emerging transport related ambient and indoor air quality challenges and risks;
  • understand transport choices and behaviours;
  • support industry led research and innovation;
  • co-create a framework for policy solutions.

For more information about the Network, please visit the TRANSITION website or watch the introductory video below: