Led by: Ben Hudson, Global Action Plan

The project will design and demonstrate the use of a suite of up-to-date, impactful (accessible) science-based materials with and for (i) children and young people to help them better understand and act on air pollution and (ii) groups of adults with different needs and circumstances in respect to air pollution knowledge.

Global Action Plan (GAP) is partnering with the Met Office to deliver an air quality outreach programme for adults and children.

This project will play an important role in communicating information about air quality to the public through the creation and dissemination of trustworthy, accessible, and impactful science-based materials.  

Crucially, the programme seeks to understand the needs and circumstances of key groups –including people with health conditions- to better tailor and communicate messages about air pollution.  

On top of being co-designed with the audience, the project will also build on the UK’s air quality research and be guided by a panel of academics to ensure the most credible and latest research findings are incorporated into the materials.

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