Led by: Dr Reza Saberi Moghaddam, CodiKoat

Codikoat have developed a novel filter material (Codivent) which is effective at removing both harmful small particles and poisonous gasses from the atmosphere. In an indoor space it can remove over 99.9% of nitrogen oxides (NOx – harmful gasses known to cause respiratory problems in humans) from the air. Gases like NOx are produced in the home from activities such as cooking, and can enter from outside. It means that the air within a home is often more polluted than outside. Codivent is thin enough to be fitted into existing household appliances which require filters, such as ventilation systems and cooker hoods. During this project we will work with well known manufacturers of such products (Vent-Axia) to develop prototypes of Codivent that can fit into their appliances. We will establish the efficacy of Codivent at removing three different harmful pollutants (NOx, SO2 and small particles), known to cause health problems, in real world, domestic settings. Project success will enable the roll out of an affordable, easy to fit filter which can significantly reduce the risk of harm from polluted air within the home.