The Welsh Government has published a summary of responses to their public consultation on  reducing emissions from domestic burning of solid fuels. The consultation was originally a commitment in their ‘Clean Air Plan for Wales: Healthy Air, Healthy Wales’ in 2020 and the consultation itself was carried out in 2021. Focusing on how use and sales of solid fuel and appliances could be regulated to reduce emissions, the consultation drew in a large number of responses from local government, private sector, professional associations, health bodies, third sector, lobby groups and individuals.

In response to the consultation, the Welsh Government has committed to develop new legislation to restrict the sale of bituminous house coal, wet wood and manufactured solid fuels. They will also produce smoke control guidance as part of the Environment (Air Quality and Soundscapes) (Wales) Bill.

Another commitment following the consultation is for the Welsh Government to enhance their research and evidence base. On 28th June 2023, Welsh Government officials attended the Clean Air Programme Domestic Burning and Solid Fuel Workshop in Cardiff to hear new evidence and debate around domestic burning emissions, health impacts and user behaviour along with potential solutions for mitigation strategies going forward.

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