The UKRI Clean Air Programme will be holding a one day workshop for invitees from across the UK and Ireland to review evidence around the sources and impacts of fine particulate matter from domestic burning.

Speakers will present relevant data, research and current understanding of particulate sources, impacts and behaviours.

A round table discussion will debate solutions and strategies and aim to inform policy to mitigate against exposure and improve awareness of indoor and outdoor pollution.


9:30IntroductionProfessor Paul Lewis
9:45WelcomeJoseph Carter, Head of Devolved Nations – Asthma & Lung UK, Chair Healthy Air Cymru, Chair Cross Party Group
9:50Domestic burning in Environment Act Prof Paul Lewis, on behalf of the Welsh Government
Session 1: Sources
10:00Wood burning in the UK- a new challenge from an old problemDr Gary Fuller, Imperial College London
10.30Residential Solid Fuel Burning in Irish Towns and CitiesProfessor John Wenger, University of Cork
11:00Coffee & networking
11:30Indoor Air Pollution from Residential Stoves: Examining the Flooding of Particulate Matter into Homes during Real-World UseDr Rohit Chakraborty, Sheffield University
Session 2: Impacts and bahaviours
12:50Exposure to air pollution from solid fuel burning – how does it affect our health?Dr Karen Exley, UK Health Security Agency
13:20Examining the Determinants of Residential Solid Fuel Use in IrelandDr John Eakins, University of Cork
13:50Obstacles and opportunities for regulating stove use across the UKDr James Heydon, Nottingham University
14:20Coffee and Networking
Session 3: Solutions & Policy
14:45Open Discussion with 4 seeded questions
Chair: Larisa Lockwood
– What solutions exist to mitigate harmful exposures to domestic burning?
– How can awareness and understanding of domestic burning be improved?
– What evidence is available for behavioural change strategies?
– How can the current evidence around sources and impacts inform policy?
15:45Summing up
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