Better Data for Cleaner Air: The ADRC NI Online Air Pollution Dashboard

Understanding the impact of air pollution on public health in Northern Ireland

Globally, air pollution is one of the most severe environmental threats to public health. Knowing where air quality is poor can help people avoid the negative health impacts, which will have broader effects on society and the economy.

The ADRC NI Environmental Health Research Group at Queen’s University Belfast has developed an online dashboard to support this impact.

Dr Neil Rowland, ADRC NI Research Fellow and regional Clean Air Champion for Northern Ireland; and Professor Duncan McVicar, ADRC NI will be hosting a webinar event on Wednesday 10th November 2021, organised by the Environmental Health Research Group ADRC-NI, as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science.

This webinar will provide a demonstration of this dashboard, along with an expert discussion on air pollution in Northern Ireland, why it matters and what action political and voluntary sector are planning to take.

You can find out more about the ADRC NI and webinar event here.

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