An important part of the Stratigic Priorities Fund Clean Air Champions work has been around exploring where some of the major issues lie that are impeding progress within the UK in cleaning up the air we all breathe. The Clean Air Champions have spoken to many stakeholders with an interest in the field as well as researchers and have attended a range of events targeting different aspects of the air pollution problem. Several over-arching themes emerged where gaps were identified and where new activity would likely be productive in meeting the objectives laid out for the Strategic Priorities Fund Clean Air Programme.

One important theme identified is that of  Data Science in Air Quality and Health Research. In order to address this the SPF Clean Air Champions (Prof Sir Stephen Holgate, Dr Jenny Baverstock and Dr Gary Fuller), together with colleagues from the Met Office and NPL, held a two-day online workshop on 16th and 17th September 2021 titled, ‘Bringing together data to improve air quality for the health of the nation’.

The workshop brought together colleagues from across air quality research fields and health data organisations to discuss the relevant questions and issues that lie at the heart of progress in this area. The workshop aim was to enable the effective use of data throughout the Clean Air Research continuum and to develop data gathering and systems to advance interventions for health and change in public behaviour and society. 

Click here for the SPF Data Science in Air Quality and Health Programme – Day 1

Click here for the SPF Data Science in Air Quality and Health Programme – Day 2

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