Led by: Stefan Reis, UKCEH

Website: www.uk-ems.org.uk

Project partners: UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH, coordination), Ricardo, Aether, University of York, University of Manchester, University of Birmingham, King’s College London, Imperial College London, Rothamsted Research

The core objectives of the project are the delivery of a framework and tools designed to be operational long-term in supporting the atmospheric modelling community by providing a flexible, user-friendly system to deliver emission input data for modelling in a transparent, traceable and reproducible manner. The focus is not on blue-skies discovery science, but primarily on supporting and enabling science. In order to ensure delivery and oversight, as well as safeguard the engagement with the wider community, the project will convene a User Group and a Stakeholder Group, with meetings throughout the project runtime.

The project will support networking across multidisciplinary communities by co-design and engagement with the atmospheric modelling community in the UK, but as well stakeholders using model outputs (e.g. policy decision makers, regulators) and the research international community. The project team is actively involved in current and emerging projects in the SPF Clean Air, which will enable added value through utilisation of current and future data streams, including other areas, such as the SPF Digital Environment and UKRI national capability funding.

You can read more about the Clean Air: Analysis and Solutions Programme here