In conversation with Simon Jones of the Air Quality Matters podcast, Dr Douglas Booker, Regional Clean Air Champion for the North West and West Midlands, shared insights into indoor air quality and environmental justice. Dr Booker emphasised the unequal patterns of exposure to poor indoor air quality, but also the social, political, and economic mechanisms through which unequal distributions of poor indoor air quality are created and sustained. 

In this podcast, Doug discusses:

  • The unequal impacts of poor indoor air quality, and actions that need to be taken to mitigate this.
  • The importance that those most impacted by poor indoor air quality are heard and considered when designing solutions.
  • The different capabilities that people have to improve indoor air quality, and that approaches to improve indoor air quality focused on behaviour change are not enough, as they must also be supported by adequate infrastructure and resources.

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Listen to the full podcast here.

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